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CAMPBELL RIVER HIGHLAND GATHERING                                                   August 7, 2021

Sponsored by the Campbell River Salmonfest Society                   Nunns Creek Park, Campbell River, BC


                                                                   Information Guide

NOTE: Competitors must enter events on-line and pay by credit card at the CRHG website Pipes and Drums Registration. No paper entries or cheques will be accepted.


Entries including tune names (only for Open events and all band events) and full payment must be received by July 24, 2021 for entry to be accepted.

Competitors must read the “Tune Selection” section below for events where more than one tune or set is required to be submitted.


The Open grade is the highest calibre grade of the music discipline.

** Requirements are submit one of each tune and minimum four parts each tune unless stated otherwise **


NOTE: Please examine the List of Events table carefully.


No telephone, email or late entries accepted. NO REFUNDS. For questions regarding entries, contact 250-203-7331 or 


Nunns Creek Park, 1465 16 Ave, Campbell River,, BC. Gates open at 7:30 am (Competitors) & 8 am (Public).



Solo competitions begin at 8:30 am. Opening Ceremonies and Massed Bands at 12:30 pm. Pipe Band competitions begin approximately 1:30 pm. Awards Presentation and Closing Massed Bands are after the final band event (approximately 4:30 pm).


Depending on the number of entries, events may start earlier. All events subject to time change.



No gate passes will be issued. Solo competitors gain entry with name on competitors list at gate. Band members gain entry with name on submitted band rosters at gate. The band player roster will be the one officially registered with the BCPA Membership Chair (membership@bcpipers.org) as of July 20, 2019. Competitors who are not present on the competitors list or band rosters will have to pay admission, which is not refundable.


Competitor numbers will be available at the Piping & Drumming Tent (Field 2 on south side of the Park).



Campbell River Highland Gathering events in solo piping, solo drumming, and pipe bands are conducted under the rules of the BC Pipers Association.

All bands are required to participate in BOTH the Opening and Closing Massed Bands to receive any monies offered by the Campbell River Highland Gathering events.



A band may play up one grade in one event for a selected competition without affecting their grading status, provided BCPA Competition Rules criteria is met. Prize money for only one grade will be awarded (whichever is highest).



Orders of play for Open Piping, Snare, and Tenor Drumming, and Bands will be determined by random draw. The random draw will take place at 7 pm July 23 at the CRHG Competition Secretary's address. All other events are first to enter, last to play, however all “early bird” entries received by 11:59 pm June 17 will be considered to be randomly received on June 17.


All orders of play will be posted one week before the Festival in the Orders of Play section of the BC Pipers’ Association web site

( www.bcpipers.org ) and at 8 am at the Competition Secretary's area on Games day. Competitors not ready to play in the posted order may be disqualified.



For events where more than one tune or set is required to be submitted, tune selection for solo events will be conducted by the adjudicator at the time the competitor presents to perform, except for Open Snare Drumming events.

For Open Snare Drumming events, tunes and sets shall be submitted online or to                                          by July 20, 2019.


For Open Snare Drumming events, the selected set for each competitor in each event will be posted at the time the Games solo competitions start at the Competition Secretary’s area.


If the Open Snare Drumming competitor does not submit their tunes or sets by the entry deadline, the competitor shall inform the adjudicator of the tunes or sets for the event at his/her scheduled competition time and the adjudicator shall indicate which tune or set is to be performed.


For band events, selection of MSR (Grades 1 & 2) will be conducted by Chief Steward when band is at the starting line.



For solo events other than Open, prizes are medals. For solo Open and Band events, monetary prizes are awarded. The aggregate winner in each grade receives a perpetual trophy.


For Open solo events, the total purse for Open Piping is over $675, for Open Snare Drumming is over $300, and for Open Tenor Drumming is over $230. For band events, the total purse is over $5500. The value of prizes will be provided on written request of the Competition Secretary.


(To be agreed to by competitor, or parent/guardian if under age 18)

I desire to enter the events identified, and in consideration of your acceptance of this entry, I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, waive and relieve any and all claims I may have against the Campbell River Highland Gathering (CRHG) competitions for injuries which may be suffered by me while in attendance. I agree to release any photo images & video that may be taken during my participation in the CRHG competitions by a photographer authorized by the CRHG. I have read and understand the Competitor Code of Conduct on the BCPA website. I have read and understand the information in this information document.



(To be agreed to by competitor or band representative)

The player or band referenced on this entry has permission to publicly perform all of the music he/she/it will perform at Campbell River Highland Gathering (CRHG) competitions and consents to the CRHG recording, storing, reproducing and broadcasting any performances publicly through whatever means it deems appropriate. The representative of the band completing this entry has consent from all individual performers in the band to act on their behalf in providing consent to the CRHG to record, store, reproduce and broadcast performances by those performers.

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